I did sum thinking..

...and i havent come up with anything new at all.
i guess this whole 'thinking' thing that i'm doing is simply a ploy.
im clearly trying to avoid what seems to be inevitable...
i think i might be in love with someone!
if i go back in time i can tell you when i knew i'd be a goner, yet knowing that i'd fall so easily i still went ahead and pursued this silly thing.
now here i stand,mostly alone,in love with some guy who has more hang-ups than i do!
(lets just say that that's quite an achievement, cuz boy do i have problems!)
well, ive been trying to talk myself out of this silly thing but it hasnt quite gone away! lol
taking a lil longer than i had anticipated.
gee, i wish he'd just leave me alone sometimes...
...and boy do i get mad when days go by and i hear nothing 4rm him!
but this all was MY choice, making it all worse!
i know where he stands,so i have to either shut it or just shut him out 4 good.
what will i do?
well im going to have a few sleepless nights, sum bad days at work, distractions from cute guys at school days, and eating my life away days!
all simply cuz im in love with this guy and dont know what to do about it.
but next week will have a special day in it...
...how will it all go,i have no clue!
i hope it goes well..til next week Bloggers.

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