Happy Endings

So there's been a lot of talk about happy endings.
Many people tend to think that there is no such thing.
I totally think the opposite.
Simply because that's not the case.
There's not just one ending in our lives that HAS to be happy.
Ultimately, we have a multitude of endings in our lifetimes.
There's an ending to our innocence,
The end of our parent's marriage,
The end of a beautiful relationship,
The end of a family feud,
The end of a circle,
The end of a person's life,
The end of a friend's life.
There's an end to every chapter in our lives.
Whose to say that one of those can't be a happy ending?
There can't be a bad ending to everything in our lives.
Death is not necessarily a sad or bad ending either.
The one that passed on is now high above at peace.
This may just be an unhappy endings for us; but not theirs.
Stop being so negative and have faith.
If you look carefully there's happy endings somewhere in your version of the book called , Life.