My Thoughts Today

So today many weird thoughts have been rolling threw my tired brain.

I mean i think about my country and if i should actually be there.
I think about ppl that can't let go (including me).
I'm thinking about why distance sucks.
OHhhh and at the forefront of these thoughts is 'where r these men!?'
lol....(total I.J.)
But, in all seriousness I sometimes wonder where this is all going.
I'm conflicted about my future wants and needs.
I miss my friends.
We're all scattered now and it seems like we might never live near each other again.
And then I wonder if I'm meant to be a lonely woman.
Which is not a cool thought!
But, like I think our goal in life is to live for ourselves.
As in school, work and such.
I think as we achieve those needs then we add in ppl; like children and signif. others.
But, i'm starting to wonder if it doesnt work that way.
It seems like this generation has atleats 1 kid and are halfway to the altar!
So here i am, in my 20's wondering if i should be on that bandwagon,too!
I dunno.
But, then the independant me says, 'Well,don't you want to live?'
And yes, I do not in fact want to be tied down wit a committment and children...
...But, will i be the only single chick in the group?
I lost one to marriage already.
One down, 2 left....ok...
It's soOoo nap time.

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  1. I also am trying to getting on in my life but, the way of moving on seems the same in every situation. You must first find a guy. Which is hell because everyman is running the wrong path in my view. Am I to picky? anywho, I feel for you. Life is the most difficult for women who have entered their 20's. it just seems like women can have the perfect life. but maybe no one can.