It's Funny How...

I already knew the outcome of all this;
weeks, months, a year ago.
Yet, as usual ppl lyk being the "let me live" type...
Like wutever happened to 'learn from other ppl's mistakes?'
Seriously, I just don't get it.
It's funny how they hadnt realized that it was time to let go.
I mean I am not one to talk about letting go...
But, when it's doing more harm than good...the choice is easy;
Let go!!!
Today, again he took it upon himself to screw her over...
As of now he's screwed too.
Didnt he realize that God hates ugly.
(Basically, give out bad and bad will find you.)
It was just a power-isssue.
Sharing ppl!
You do NOT have to be the winner.
It's life, not a race!
Come on!
It's funny how I did nothing wrong, yet I feel horrible...
It's funny how now you still want things to go your way...
It's funny that this all makes sense to you.
It's all just the most hilarious situation.
But, it still hurts us all.
All of us.
Especially, him.
It's funny how...
you still haven't learned to live life.

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